About us

The band and Music

Wolf on fire is a hardrock band from Stavanger (Norway) established in 2011, whos aim is to bring rock and metal something different, something unexpected.

Each of the band members contributes with influences from a wide array of musical genres which has made the band into what it is today; a dark and catchy hard rock unlike anything else. They make music without any rules, and take no shame in making it personal.

The lyrics are often inspired by existential questions about life and death, mental health, truth and lies, loneliness, understanding and despair as well as observations of the society we all try to survive in.

Wolf on fire has built a reputation as a great live band that works hard to give the audience value for money, and are eager to take the trip to visit a place near you!

During the pandemic, Wolf on Fire has written and recorded their second album “Walk with us”. The album will be released on the 5th of August 2022.

The band is:

  • Christian Øvrevik (Vox/Guitar)
  • Tarje Naterstad (Bass)
  • Arild Nådland (Drums)
  • Andreas Haugland (Guitar)

Wolf Store

We take great pride in serving all our fans who buy our music and/or merchandise. Therefore all placed orders are hand-picked by the band itself, wrapped and shipped with great care to make sure the products will arrive safe and sound in the hands of the buyer.

In the wolfstore you will mainly find:

  • Wolf on Fire's music in all available physical formats
  • Official Wolf on Fire merchandises

Shipping or Pick-up Store?

We ship to all parts of Norway and also do international shipping, read more about this under "shipping".

For those who live in the area of Stavanger (Norway) we are very helpful to arrange a pick-up point so that the buyer can get their stuff without any shipping cost. It's also way faster. Read more here.