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Wolf on Fire Denim Jacket, a Norwegian Rat collab!


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Wolf on Fire and Norwegian Rat collaboration denim jacket. If you know Norwegian Rat clothing you'll know it's high quality and highly detailed, get your hands on this awesome denim jacket now!

Based on their "Halfdan the black" jacket with stunning details: 

100% thick black denim jacket with custom rat buttons. This jacket is equipped with 8 pockets. Two of them with coarse zippers on the inside. This jacket is named after Halfdan the Black. Dagfinn Bjelland of Karma Tatto (located in Haugesund, Norway) did the artwork that is located on the inside.

As a fun anecdote we can mention that this jacket magically conceals 10 cans (0.33l) of your favourite beverage! In other words this is one handy festival jacket!

Which size to buy? Take a look at Norwegian Rat size charts:  SIZE CHART

For more Norwegian Rat stuff, visit their website:

HALVDAN SVARTE (ca 810 - 860 A.D)

Halvdan Svarte (Halfdanr Svarti, Halfdan the Black) was king of Vestfold county and is first and foremost known as the father of Harald Haarfagre (Harald Fairhar). It needs to be said that the reliability of this kinship is somewhat uncertain. Nonetheless Harald Haarfagre is named "The son of Halvdan" in a sentence in "Haraldskvæði". Despite that, Halvdan was a common name back then, and there are no reliable sources stating that they were actually father and son, though there is a possibility that they actually were.  (You can read more about Halvdan and his family on Wikipedia.)

However, regarding the demise of Halvdan, all sources are in agreement; That he on his way home from Hadeland drowned in the lake Randsfjorden when his horse and sleigh broke through the ice. According to legend, the districts of his kingdom all wanted to claim his grave, but as they never came to an agreement, they decided to divide his body into four pieces. This way each district could bury a part of their beloved king. Supposedly his head lies in Halvdanshaugen (the mound of Halvdan) at Stein in Ringerike. Some say that Svarte was worshipped as a god of growth among the farmers in these areas.

He got his nickname “Svarte” because of his black hair.


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