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Wolf on Fire Hoodie, a Norwegian Rat collab!


If the size you need is not available, hit us up with a message and let us see if we can work something out!

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Wolf on Fire and Norwegian Rat collaboration hoodie. If you know Norwegian Rat clothing you'll know it's high quality and highly detailed, get your hands on this awesome hoodie now!

Based on their "Prillarguri" hoodie with stunning details: 

100% cotton

Straight fit

4 pockets – 2 zipper pockets and 2 kangaroo pockets.

(Scroll down to read about Prillarguri)

Which size to buy? Take a look at Norwegian Rat size charts:  SIZE CHART

For more Norwegian Rat stuff, visit their website:  www.norwegianrat.no


Prillarguri or Pillar-guri was, according to legend, a woman from Sel in Norway who played a key role in the Battle of Kringen in August 1612.

Sweden and Denmark-Norway were actively engaged in the Kalmar War. A Norwegian peasant militia force of around 300-500 decided to ambush the Scottish mercenaries (hired by the Swedish King) in the narrowest part of the valley at Kringen. The terrain chosen by the Norsemen were very suitable for a well planned ambush.

According to the saga, Pillarguri placed herself on a height where she played her horn to distract the advancing enemies and signalling to go ahead with the ambush. The farmers lying about in the forest greeted them with stones and spears in addition to turning over huge logs in the direction of the Scotsmen. It is said that out of 900 Scots there were only two surviving this rather grisly encounter.

Prillar refers to the horn Guri was supposed to have used.

You can read more about Prillarguri on Wikipedia


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